Summary in HYIP industry from March 15th-22nd

During the past week, a lot things happened in HYIP industry. Some programs launched and developed, while others scammed and stopped payment. Now I will summarize what happened in the past seven days on my website. If you also invested some of them or you are interested, then welcome to read and comment.


Limpid.capital added NixMoney as their new payment system. Now it supports PerfectMoney, Payeer, YandexMoney, Qiwi, NixMoney, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoincash, Dash, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. You can choose any of them to replenish or withdraw.

Admin added internal transfer function between investors, and you can find a button called "money transaction" at your panel(beside the withdrawal button). If you want to avoid the withdrawal fee, then you can use this function to transfer money to other members and let him pay you the money. But please be careful and don't transfer to scammers.

German language was also added, now it supports English, Russian and German. I am sure more new languages will be added in the future.

Admin integrated cryptocurrency deposits for those who do not want to lose out on converting a digital currency when they wants to increase the size of their cryptocurrency assets without fear of losing on the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency in the period of investment. In fact, many other qualified projects provide such a deposit option, it is mainly for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Of course, each HYIP project has risks, so never invest what you can't afford to lose.

Just yesterday(March 22nd), due to the opening of an office in Moscow, the company has expanded the staff of qualified employees of the analytical Department of sports arbitration, and the department of trading on the Forex and cryptocurrency market. In this video, a short interview with the heads of departments. The English version of this video, they will publish a little later: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU4pYO_gNeo&feature=youtu.be


An online friend bought Standard listing on my website 3 weeks ago. According to listing rules on my website, he paid me $250 to deposit. But I think it will be a good program, or at least I can make a little money from it. So I deposited $300 PerfectMoney and 0.36 BTC with my personal money into it. What's more, admin added official video review and online chat box on its website during the past, it means that the program is still in development and operating well. I am glad to see this.

All my withdrawal requests were processed very fast and promptly. After think twice, I upgraded it from Standard listing to Premium listing two days ago. I hope it can pay for a long time and let us make more money



During the past 40 days, I invested $1020 into this project with my personal money totally. Now I still have $400 active deposits here, I hope everything will be fine before my deposits expires.

Admin added exchange function 7 days ago, and you can exchange the money on your balance into other currencies. French and Italian languages were also added, it now supports 10 languages totally, which already covered global needs.

Just yesterday, Hex-land published a new deposit plan. With $1000-50000 deposits, you can earn 2% daily for lifetime and 0.04% from each new deposit and this plan by other investors. It is very profitable, but I should remind you that don't invest what you can't afford to lose, because the minimum deposit is $1000 in this new plan, a little higher in HYIP industry.



Forex-brokers.club added new payment systems last week, and now it supports 17 payment options. So no matter what payment system you use, they will satisfy you.

It now supports 5 languages, and Russian was added just 6 days ago. More languages may will be added in near future, because we can see Chinese, Japanese, French and German buttons are already on the way.

4 days ago, Forex-brokers.club offers two new deposit plans. With minimum $150, you can 2.12% daily for lifetime and principal release anytime, or 200% after 15 days and principal principal release anytime. But there is no referral bonus for these two plans. Maybe, the new deposit plans are attractive to investors, but only join with your spare money, because any HYIP project may stop payment any time.


The admin bought banners with $60 on my website. In return, I invested $20 into their one day plan two days ago and now I have already got back the initial deposit and profits successfully, because it is only in the Basic listing and most importantly, admin bought listing on my website when the program is online for already 136 days. But I hope it can still pay for a long time and more investors can make money from it.


3storich bought Premium listing on my website 10 days ago, and it paid well during the past. Admin wanted to pay insurance to me, but unfortunately, I don't have insurance service currently. In contrast, I deposited $200 with my personal money into its Master plan. I hope it can pay investors well during next month and let earlier investor make money here.



I deposited $30 with my personal money. In fact, I was very hesitant because of its weakly promotion and not sure whether to invest or not. But finally, I deposited because of its fast withdrawal speed. Hope everything goes well.



Till now, I deposited $1000 with personal money totally into Alysdax. My choice is the 30 days plan. It is online for 27 days currently, from its website design and promotion, I think I can make money from it. But HYIP projects are gamble games, so nobody has 100% confidence, including me. Let's see how long it can pay for.



Techvision stopped paying days ago, so please stopped your investment. It paid online for 214 days, and is really a good program. But unfortunately, I didn't make my personal money here and only got some listing fees from it.


It stopped paying 5 days ago. With a "4% daily for 50 days and principal back anytime" plan, it pays for 45 days. Frankly speaking, I think it is a good program. What do you think?


Titan7 was sure to scam 6 days ago, it paid well for 70 days online. I deposited my personal money with $350, and lost $130 money totally because of my greedy. I should learn a lesson that don't reinvest again and again.


The Utopia system has been attacked one after another within weeks. The database has been severely damaged in these few days, and our technicians are working to repair the data.

At the same time, a few days ago, BTC dropped by more than 50%, and the exchange rate triggered the community consensus meltdown mechanism. Utopia is developing a response plan and will restart the system soon.

No bonus nor income will be generated during this period, and the latest Utopia features will be well plan to restart again very soon.

We will announce the latest work progress in real time, please be patient and look forward to the arrival of our next utopia!

This is the notice from their website when you open, it means that it already stopped paying currently, so I have to move it into Problem category. If it can recover back in the future and my initial deposit is still active, I will change it back to Paying again, but I think it is very hard, nearly impossible.

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