Shibarium Beta Bridge is Available For Public Testing

The Shiba Inu team has achieved a noteworthy accomplishment, as disclosed by a prominent community influencer. This accomplishment has sparked renewed excitement in the community.

The Shiba Inu L2 network is set to launch soon, and the development team has released the Shibarium beta bridge for public testing. The ShibArmy members have been requested to actively use the cross-chain solution and report any issues or bugs they encounter during the testing process.

Shibarium Beta Bridge is Available For Public Testing

Lucie, a marketing specialist, revealed that the Shibarium beta bridge is not completely operational at the moment. As a result, she cautioned users against utilizing actual assets to engage with the protocol. "Avoid using real assets, please! Only use faucets," she advised.

To avoid falling victim to a fake Shibarium website, users are advised by the ecosystem official to double-check the beta bridge website before linking their wallets. This caution comes after multiple Shiba Inu investors lost their assets to a fraudulent Shibarium website.

The Shiba Inu community has expressed great enthusiasm for a major advancement. In response to Lucie's announcement, some members verified their use of the cross-chain protocol.

One supporter suggested that the Shibarium beta bridge is functioning properly. The individual, who goes by the name of Shiba Inu, stated that it was tested successfully earlier.

Shibarium Beta Bridge is Available For Public Testing

In the meantime, numerous individuals are eagerly waiting for Shibarium's mainnet launch, which is scheduled to occur in August during the Blockchain Futurist Conference. The community is optimistic that its arrival will lead to further advancements within the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

The Shibarium bridge is a protocol that enables users to convert their assets across various networks, such as Ethereum, into the Shibarium network. It also permits the deposit and withdrawal of assets between different networks.

When depositing on the bridge, only one transaction is needed. However, it is important to note that transferring funds from Ethereum to Shibarium can take up to 20-30 minutes due to the length of the process.

It is important to note that the Shibarium Bridge does not have the capability to allow delegation and staking. Consequently, individuals who have invested in Shiba Inu should not utilize Shibarium for depositing funds for these purposes.

It is worth noting that the Shibarium beta bridge is now available for public testing, which follows closely after Shytoshi Kusama's statement that there will be exciting releases leading up to the Shibarium mainnet launch.

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