Summary in HYIP industry from May 04th-08th


This program has been online since 02nd March, and 68 days now. A professional leader bought premium listing on my website. This program has beautiful template designs, unique investment and referral systems. You can earn not only from daily earnings, but also from kinds of bonuses, such as linear bonus, binary bonus, mentor bonus, reputation bonus and so on. The minimum investment amount is $100, period is 200 days. For more details about promotional bonus, you can read its review here: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/168.html


This program has been online since 02nd Jan 2020, and 128 days now. Admin bought Standard listing on my website, but I upgraded it into premium listing last month. Minimum investment amount is approximately $130. As an investor, you can earn 6% weekly for a year and initial deposit can release after one year. As a promoter, you can earn from 10 level members from their weekly earnings, and this is very profitable. I published some tutotials in the past, including deposit, withdrawal and verification. If you are interested, you can see its review here first: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/131.html


This a new program. And it is now in prelaunch stage. But admin already paid for Premium listing today, and he told that registration will be started after 20th MAY. And I will update when it starts, welcome to focus.


Exebit Limited just started 2 days ago. It is placed in premium listing. This is a lifetime profit project. And from it, you can earn 3%-15% profit daily. What's more, you can get your earnings every hour. So are you interested in it? Please read its review here: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/172.html


This program was changed into scam status yesterday. Because it blocked my referral's account, he deposited $400 in this project. This piece of news is found on Hyiplogs page(https://hyiplogs.com/project/gissis.com/), see screenshot below:

I only have one question:

"If all accounts which already withdraw profits in excess of contribution will be blocked, then what is the meaning for our investment? When we just start to make profit, then our account is blocked? But you can choose to scam any time you want? This is ridiculous."

So stop your investment in Gissis.com, because admin may block your account any time.

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