Shiba Inu lead developer outlined exciting new developments regarding SHIB

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba Inu, has made a public announcement in a new blog post. He has reported that the digital currency, inspired by dogs, has achieved a remarkable accomplishment. Shiba Inu will be sponsoring the Blockchain Futuristic Conference, ETHWomen, and ETHToronto hackathons.

The event is set to take place in Toronto on August 15th and 16th, 2023.

“I think this is a pretty big undertaking. This level of sponsorship puts us in line with major exchanges and projects and strengthens our position as a major player in cryptocurrency,” - Kusama

It is noteworthy that this event coincides with the third anniversary of Shiba Inu. As the main sponsor of the occasion, Shiba Inu wishes to demonstrate their advancements and contributions to crypto industry.

Kusama has revealed that Shiba Inu will be displaying the finished release of the long-awaited Worldpaper. It is noteworthy that the Worldpaper outlines different features of the digital currency, including information on its environment tokens such as SHIB, BONE, LEASH, TREAT, and Shi.

“At this location, the completed Worldpaper will be exhibited. All Shiba Inu-branded projects will be published, and Treat will be published in detail for the first time.”

Kusama also noted the potential of talking about, and maybe even launching, the Layer-2 blockchain for Shiba Inu, called Shibarium.

This year's Blockchain Futuristic Conference is celebrating its fifth year, taking place in Toronto, Canada from August 15-16. It is the main event of Canada Crypto Week, with over 30 different crypto activities planned throughout the week.

Some of the noteworthy occurrences are the initiation of ETHWomen and the second iteration of the ETHToronto hackathons.

Kusama has announced that Shibarium is hosting a hackathon that will span several months as part of the Blockchain Futuristic Conference. In addition, participants can take part in the Shiba Inu experience from two special booths, a VIP Cubana, and other SHIB-related products, services, and platforms. It's sure to be an enjoyable time for all involved.

Several initiatives, such as Unification and BadIdea.Ai, that have expressed enthusiasm about developing on Shibarium, will be showcased at the event.

In a tweet today, BadIdea.Ai also made the announcement.

Shiba Inu lead developer outlined exciting new developments regarding SHIB

At the same time, a significant attraction of the gathering will be the lead programmer of Shiba Inu appearing virtually through artificial intelligence.

“Also, for the first time, I will be speaking virtually (via AI) at a conference!” - Kusama

At the hackathon, Kusama said there would be additional noteworthy surprises, such as a Shiba Inu-funded after-party.

Kusama's blog post caused a stir among Shiba Inu fans. Lucie, a content marketer for Shiba Inu, shared her favorite part of the post on Twitter.

Shiba Inu lead developer outlined exciting new developments regarding SHIB

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