Minexo renews discount offer for another 10 days

Two days ago, I published a discount offer from Minexo. Now the offer was renews for another 10 days. This is their official news:

Dear cloud miners and partners! Minexo Administration decided to renew the bonus offer for 10 more days! So, now you have even more time to mine with extra hashes. During the next 10 days, you still can additionally receive from 4% to 7% according to the contract amount.

90 days contract — +4% hashes

180 days contract — +5% hashes

270 days contract — +6% hashes

365 days contract — +7% hashes

Moreover, we added one more beneficial condition for those who prefer USDT (all the wallets) and USDC — +10% hashes for any contract and mining period.

Our congratulations to you, dear cloud miners! Get additional hashes to your contracts and earn much more than usual with Minexo. The discount offer is valid till 6 July.

Review: https://www.hyiper.net/blog/274.html

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  1. Adrin0404 they are scam dont invest with them they logged me out and disabled my account untill i came across www.cryptochargeback.org that assisted me to recover my lost funds