Biswap x OKX Wallet Collaboration! | Enjoy Lucrative Integration!

Meet Biswap’s first collaboration in 2023! We enter this year with extended and unique offers for you. OKX Wallet is our new partner we have started a potent collaboration with.

Biswap Official Registration: https://biswap.org/?ref=11c4b0587b452179aa8e

Why OKX Wallet?

OKX Wallet is a one-stop Web 3.0 portal with easy access to over 1 000 DApp protocols. Use wallet via OKX App, web, and extension.

  • Enjoy a universal gateway to all Dapps
  • Traverse new networks with an all-in-one wallet
  • Keep your transaction safe

This integration will simplify your interaction with Biswap via the OKX App! Enjoy comfort usage and profit in one place.

Download: https://www.okx.com/download

Biswap LPs are integrated into the OKX App

Biswap on OKX exchange

Feel the power of Biswap liquidity. You can stake Biswap LP tokens to the Biswap farms to earn BSW tokens directly in the OKX App! Provide liquidity to get 75% LP rewards and start your lucrative farming with Biswap x OKX Wallet.

Biswap DEX is added to OKX Wallet’s DeFi List

How to get to the leading DEX with the lowest 0.2% fee on the BNB chain? You don’t need to enter the Biswap DEX site address manually. Just select Biswap from the list of DeFi projects.

OKX Wallet is Added to Biswap | Experience the New Crypto Service!

Are you ready to explore a cool product? Connect OKX Wallet easily to Biswap DEX. We’ll guide you!

1. Open the OKX website and click Connect wallet.

Biswap on OKX exchange

2. Choose the device you want to use (we chose an extension as an example for this guide).

Biswap on OKX exchange

3. Select the ‘Create wallet’ option.

Biswap on OKX exchange

4. Set the password and click ‘Confirm’.

Biswap on OKX exchange

5. Click on the ‘Start exploring’.

Biswap on OKX exchange

6. Complete settings if it’s necessary and close the page to continue.

Biswap on OKX exchange

7. Back up to have DApp access.

Biswap on OKX exchange

8. Enter your password.

Biswap on OKX exchange

9. Tap the screen to see the backup phrase. Write down the displayed words in the correct order. Click on ‘I’ve backed up’. Keep this note safe, and do not share it with anyone.

Biswap on OKX exchange

10. Verify your seed phrase by matching the word and its order.

Biswap on OKX exchange

11. Go to biswap.org and click on ‘Connect the wallet’.

Biswap on OKX exchange

12. Choose OKX Wallet from the list and connect it.

Closing Words

Explore Biswap DEX utilities via OKX Wallet! Enjoy comfort, simplicity and high-level service.

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