Shaobank.com Review: 0.45% or 0.55% daily for 3 years

Shaobank.com is high yield investment project. It started on 05th May this year. And you can earn 0.45% or 0.55% daily for 3 years. It has a very original and commercial website template, with reasonable profits and referral system. I am sure this project is operated by a professional team, and if you see the project carefully, I think you will agree with my opinion. In Shaobank.com, after you get profit, you can choose to withdraw it into your wallet directly, or tranfer it to your team member instantly through the internal tranfer function. It is very convenient for both investors and promoters. My first withdrawal was already processed successfully yesterday. Now let's see the details of Shaobank.com.

Register: https://shaobank.com/?upline=SLWQOQBgiqLxu565

Started: 2023-05-05

My Deposit: $400

Investment Plans: 0.45% or 0.55% daily for 3 years and principal included, dividend accrual every 7 days

Referral Commissions: 7%-3%-2.5%-2%-1.5%-1%


Withdrawal Type: within 24 hours

Interanl Transfer Function: Available

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: $6.5

Social Contacts: Telegram Channel; Telegram Group; Youtube; Twitter; Facebook Page; Instagram; Linkedin


Deposit 8000-8000000 HKD for a period starting from 12 months at 11.5% profit every year. All potential income calculations are made in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).


  • Invest 800-800000 HKD, earn 0.45% daily for 3 years and principal included, profit generates every 7 days.
  • Invest 40000-1000000 HKD, earn 0.55% daily for 3 years and principal included, profit generates every 7 days.

Referral System

By purchasing corporate bonds, you save and increase your capital at a profit. Plus, you receive bonus Tokens added to your account - up to 20% of your partners' bond purchases over 10 levels at the rate of HK$1 - 12 Tokens! Your T-Balance can be exchanged for real money by buying cases with financial rewards from the bank.

What is T-Balance?

T-Balance is a bonus account within your account. It is topped up when your partners invest in Shao corporate bonds.

The loyalty programme is valid up to 10 levels deep! You don't have to have the time and knowledge to build a career. You can simply carry out your usual activities, watch your account balance increase and spend it on gift cases or by opening new levels in your business network. Exchange rate is:

1 HKD = 12T

Find out what percentage of the team's securities purchases you can earn and how much it costs to open a particular level in the business network below:

Shaobank.com Review: 0.45% or 0.55% daily for 3 years

After registration, all customers open 1 level in the business network, and then after inviting 1 partner, you will have an available Token balance to open 2 levels.

Register: https://shaobank.com/?upline=SLWQOQBgiqLxu565

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  2. hyiper $12.83 usdt withdrawal request received instantly, thanks admin: 2761f6c47ea6dec0355a46a3d61ba7c13ac3f2273602358cbfb54978e894aa42